The Certificate in

International Dispute Resolution


CertIDR by Gregory Hunt, Rekha Rangachari and Dr Kabir Duggal is an on demand insight into mediation and international arbitration for students, lawyers and business professionals across the world

Introducing CertIDR

The Certificate in International Dispute Resolution (CertIDR) is an on demand online learning programme covering modules on mediation, arbitration and other forms of ADR. 

Completion of the course provides you with the Certificate in International Dispute Resolution presented by three of the world's leading dispute resolution professionals. Gregory Hunt is an experienced mediator and Guest Lecturer at the University of Exeter.  Rekah Rangachari is an expert in international arbitration and Dr. Kabir Duggal is an international arbitrator, attorney and lecturer at Columbia Law School.

Together, along with our guest contributors, we have brought you approaching 10 hours of video based learning covering everything you need to know about mediation and arbitration in videos which are are clear and easy to follow.

Special Stand Alone Modules

We are constantly adding special stand alone modules which will be listed here and form part of the main content, or they can be purchased as stand alone modules for £20 (plus VAT if purchased from the UK).


Special Module 1
Arbitration in India (Rekha Rangachari & Dr Kabir Duggal)

Special Module 2
Construction Disputes (Eric Eggink)

Special Modules 3 & 4
Mediation in Turkey (Beyza Gozde Bıçak)

Arbitration in Turkey (Vahdet Talha Bıçak)


Special Module 5

International Arbitration in China (Tim Yimin LIU)

Special Module 6

Mandatory Mediation Models in Europe (Miglė Žukauskaitė-Tatorė)

More special modules to be added.

Core Learning


Facilitative Mediation

Our mediation module is led by Gregory who will provide you with all you need to know about Facilitative Mediation


International Arbitration

Our International Arbitration modules, led by Rekha and Kabir, will provide you with a solid understanding of this vital process used to resolve international business disputes.


Domestic (UK) Arbitration & Construction Adjudication

Gregory will explain how a typical domestic UK arbitration with a sole arbitrator might run, and will use examples from the Hunt ADR scheme known as Travel Arbitration, Europe's largest consumer arbitration process.


Learn about our passions: - R.E.A.L and collecting for Foodbanks

As Co-Chairs of R.E.A.L. Rekha and Kabir will provide you with everything you need to know about their endeavours to ensure that there is Racial Equality for Arbitration Lawyers wherever you are. Gregory will explain his efforts to keep foodbanks stocked to help feed those in need and show we believe there is no place for hunger in our society.

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