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Our vision is to provide students, newly qualified lawyers and business-people across the world with an easy to understand set of videos developed to help them gain a better understanding of how mediation and arbitration work.

Gregory Hunt

Gregory Hunt


Gregory Hunt is the CertIDR Mediation Expert and is founder and managing director of Hunt ADR Limited. He is an award-winning Registered Mediator and Head of Faculty at Hunt ADR, which is a recognised Civil Mediation Council Mediation Provider and Training Provider.

He is a Guest Lecturer at the University of Exeter and the University of Hull and is Hon'ble Advisory Board Member at the Centre for Academic Legal Research (India). He is also Head of Faculty at 41AonMediation in South Africa and Expert Adviser to ADR HOC (India).


Gregory has worked in ADR for 26 years and is recognised as one of the most experienced ADR professionals in Europe. In 2020 he was the winner of two global mediation awards, and added a third award in February 2021.

Gregory runs an Instagram account which follows his passion for tomatoes! It can be found at @tomatomanUK

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