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This course is ON DEMAND. This means that when payment is made an email is automatically generated containing a link to access content. This means that you can complete the course wherever you are in the world and in your own time.


We have tried to be as fair as possible in making CertIDR available to participants across the world, fixing the price at £40 including taxes. However, you have received this link so you can access the programme for half price - £20.


Please visit the rest of the site but if you are booking please make sure you use this page to benefit from the lower fee.

To book access to the full programme please complete the Booking Form. If you wish to see the Special Module on Arbitration in India only then please Contact Us (please note the Arbitration in India Module as a stand alone is charged at £20).

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We reserve the right to allow special concessions for individuals or institutions on a negotiated basis.

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