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04. R.EA.L. and Foodbanks

R.E.A.L. - Racial Equality for Arbitration Lawyers

Racial Equality for Arbitration Lawyers (REAL) REAL is a group of global lawyers practicing in international arbitration and striving to achieve racial equality for arbitration lawyers. We are an organization looking at the representation of underrepresented groups in international arbitration.


REAL aims to: - focus on racial equality and representation of un(der)represented groups within one’s own country and at the international level more generally; - address unique problems posed by intersectionality; - create a platform for addressing discrimination and implicit bias issues; - making international arbitration more equitable by collaborating and supporting other initiatives dealing with diversity and inclusion; and - create a safe space for un(der)represented groups in international arbitration.


With these underlying goals in mind, REAL has crafted a series of initiatives under: ACCESS and ADVOCACY. ACCESS: REAL plans to develop initiatives to enable access to international arbitration without any socio-economic limitations. Some of the planned initiatives are: Access to Opportunities (e.g. fellowships, scholarships, awards in the field of international arbitration); Access to Knowledge (share the knowledge on international arbitration to create a level playing field); Access to Mentorship (bespoke mentorship program to be run by REAL); Access to Events (list and details of events dealing with diversity); and Access to Information (work along with other initiatives in international arbitration).


ADVOCACY: REAL aims to raise awareness and spotlight the absence of racial diversity in international arbitrations. Another aim is to address the lack of racial parity in arbitral appointments with the involvement of other stakeholders – arbitral institutions, law firms, clients, third-party funders etc.

Does this interest you? We are open to everyone! The good news? Since we are a body advocating for 'access', we do not charge a membership fee. So join us now.


Gregory started collecting for foodbanks across the UK in 2018 after seeing the work done by football (soccer) fans in his birth city, Liverpool. At the same time he saw a new business called Secret Hamper doing good in the community.  These two movements inspired Gregory to start fooDResolution. He subsequently oversaw the collection of food and other household items which together supplied more than 2,000 households with food and items like nappies, sanitary products and other household goods. During the pandemic fooDResolution raised more than £1,500 in donations, which resulted in donations to more than 30 foodbanks across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.


In January 2021 Gregory decided to discontinue fooDResolution in favour of committing to donate to foodbanks in Basildon, Skelmersdale, Hull and Liverpool and to continue to encourage donations in locations across the UK (and further afield) when he is training in that particular location. Gregory has also committed to donating 5% of any profits he receives for CertIDR to one or more of his named foodbanks.

The fooDResolution strapline - No Place for Hunger - survives and Gregory feels it is even more relevant today with millions struggling to feed their families during the pandemic.  If you would like to offer support to foodbanks please get in touch with Gregory today.

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