• Gregory Hunt

CertIDR first week update

Well, that was a busy week.

We formally launched CertIDR on Tuesday with an article by Rob Hunt on the similarities between cricket captains and mediators and arbitrators. Becoming an “All Rounder”: Lessons from Cricket that Apply to International Dispute Resolution has since had 140 views on the CertIDR blog page.

In four days we have had almost 1,000 unique visitors to CertIDR and our world map shows the breadth of interest to date.

We have so far had 75 people participating in the programme, with orders taken in the UK, India and Malaysia. Six participants have completed the programme and positive reviews have been left on our Trustpilot Page.

We have also added a second stand alone module, from Eric Eggink on Construction Disputes, and we have more planned in the coming weeks from within and outside of Europe.

There are lots of different ways to communicate with us, from our LinkedIn Group Page to our Facebook Page and Twitter. You can also register with our app and be kept up to date about new blogs, new modules and other interesting facts and figures.

We hope you have a good weekend and continue your interest in mediation, arbitration, adjudication and ADR in general over the coming weeks and months.

All the very best - and keep safe wherever you are.

Gregg, Rekha and Kabir

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