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International Women's Day: Rekha Rangachari

As it is International Women's Day we thought we would like to highlight the fact that 68% of CertIDR participants are women engaged in learning about international arbitration and mediation. The majority are law students from universities across the world.

This is important for many reasons, but not least because in the CertIDR team our very own Rekha Rangachari is pushing for equality across the ADR field.

So we would like to focus on Rekha today. For those of you do not know Rekha, she has infectious enthusiasm for arbitration. For those who have participated in CertIDR you will have see this first hand. But you may not know the following

Rekha is an ArbitralWoman Board Member and Executive Director at the New York International Arbitration Center. She is a pioneer for promoting diversity and equal representation for women in the field of alternative dispute resolution in New York, the United States, and internationally.

Rekha used to be a Classical Indian Dancer, and her grandmother founded a cookery school in South India at a time when it was uncommon for women to eat outside the home. Rekha says

My sister and I were raised with the mentality that the world is our oyster – to dream big, to capitalise on the privileges we were afforded, and to be both fierce and kind as we paved our route forward. These are reasons why I joined ArbitralWomen as a member.

You can read more about Rekha and her rise to being one of the most influential women in arbitration today in the ArbitralWomen February 2021 Newsletter (below).

Download PDF • 397KB

Happy International Women's Day from everyone involved with CertIDR to Rekha, the 68% of CertIDR participants so far who are female, and to women across the world.

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