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Special Module: International Arbitration in China

We are very excited to unveil our latest new module today, a 22 minute presentation by Tim Yimin LIU on international arbitration in China.

我们很高兴推出我们CertIDR的《仲裁在中国》模块。该模块由Tim Yimin LIU刘一民以英文录制。该模块将以独立模块或整体课程中的组成部分的方式推荐给大家。

This video, which can be viewed as part of the course by anyone signing up to the full programme, is also available for £20 plus VAT (if applicable) as a stand alone module.

We would like to thank Tim for putting this special module together, it is a fascinating insight into arbitration in China and is a must watch for anyone with an interest in international arbitration.

Click here to access the content as part of the overall course or use the contact form to discuss use of the module as a stand alone. Please note that the Certificate in International Dispute Resolution is only awarded to those who complete the course as a whole.

About CertIDR

The Certificate in International Dispute Resolution (CertIDR) is an on demand online learning programme covering modules on mediation, arbitration and other forms of ADR.

Completion of the course provides you with the Certificate in International Dispute Resolution presented by three of the world's leading dispute resolution professionals. Gregory Hunt is an experienced mediator and Guest Lecturer at the University of Exeter. Rekah Rangachari is an expert in international arbitration and Dr. Kabir Duggal is an international arbitrator, attorney and lecturer at Columbia Law School.

Together, along with our guest contributors, we have brought you approaching 10 hours of video based learning covering everything you need to know about mediation and arbitration in videos which are are clear and easy to follow.

Special Stand Alone Modules

We are constantly adding special stand alone modules which will be listed here and form part of the main content, or they can be purchased as stand alone modules for £20 (plus VAT if purchased from the UK) - to purchase a stand alone module please use the contact form to let us know which modules you wish to acquire.

Special Module 1 Arbitration in India (Rekha Rangachari & Dr Kabir Duggal)

Special Module 2 Construction Disputes (Eric Eggink)

Special Modules 3 & 4 Mediation in Turkey (Beyza Gozde Bıçak)

Arbitration in Turkey (Vahdet Talha Bıçak)

Special Module 5

International Arbitration in China (Tim Yimin LIU)

​More special modules to be added.

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